Click to view large size picture . . .Our handmade paper is made from Mulberry bark. Caring for the environment, we use a non-destructive process carefully stripping the bark from the Mulberry tree - the bark grows back and the process is repeated.

Click to view large size picture . . .The bark is soaked in fresh water about 24 hours. It is boiled in a large kettle 3-4 hours to soften the fibers. It then cools over night and is rinsed with clean water thouroughly until it is completely clean.
The fiber is then blended into smooth pulp. Dyes, flowers or leaves are added at this stage. They are stirred in a water tank filled with clean water until they float. The pulp is hand-sifted; mesh frames are used to strain the pulp. These screen-frames are placed in the sun allowing natural drying and air flow. Once dry, they become sheets of paper that are easily peeled off the screen.

This specialized technique has been passed down from generation to generation and has been our heritage for hundreds of years.
Paper Origin has taken this ancient technique and raised it to a higher standard.

Click to view large size picture . . .We are committed to create the finest crafts. Traditional skills are combined with innovative ideas to create quality products with functions that express culture and nature. From our devotion, we proudly present them to the world. Every piece is uniquely handmade and all materials used are natural and organic. Each piece is Unique and no two pieces are alike.